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cheap canada goose BLM, being an American spillover organization is more prone confrontations, demands and ultimatums.A lot of people are upset, rightfully or not at Pride for giving in, but it should be noted that the police themselves have not raised any major issues, and that both are taking steps to ensure bridges are not burned.told, by both Police Chief Mark Saunders and Pride organizers, that threatening to cut city funding now would be unhelpful canada goose, as the two sides have committed to delicate talks on how to include police again in the future.Just weeks before Pride’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), two Toronto gay men who signed up as members in January have suddenly been informed they are no longer welcome to be members, which precludes them from voting at the upcoming AGM.Their alleged crime: They had the sheer unmitigated gall to back the police and the idea of withholding the city’s $260,000 grant until Pride agreed to allow uniformed cops to march in the June 25 parade.The two members who backed what amounts to extortion are not invited to vote on formal matters.Also Pride was like four months ago and the Sun is still pissed that cops weren invited. I think the stunt was dumb but I still agree with BLM Toronto that the police need to make some changes. How good they are at trying to affect that change does not effect how I feel about the change they want and And again, booting the police force from participating in a parade isn «[discriminating] against people» cheap canada goose.