«He’s got one of the greener lights of all green lights that I’ve seen,» Kellogg said of Price, who scored 80 points in three games against UMass last season. «You really want to contain him and make him take tough shots and make tough plays. He’s going to score.

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cheap jordan shoes Highland Village director Rodney Chaisson said the $1.2 million investment is part of a bigger three year plan that will see a wide range of improvements to the museum.»This is part of a $3.6 million project a site development project we’re looking into over the next three years. What it’s going to do is enable us to enhance our visitor experience and also have the capacity to do more,» he said.»We’ll be able to better serve our visitors, increase capacity for that kind of stuff and collections management it will cover a variety of aspects of the operation.»Chaisson went on to say the Nova Scotia Highland Village Society, which operates the museum will be fundraising a third of funding (roughly $1 million), the County of Victoria will provide $100,000 and the society is currently in talks with the provincial government to provide funding as well.Bruce Morrison, warden of the Municipality of the County of Victoria, said the funding provided by the county is a good investment because of the popularity of the Highland Village Museum.»We would consider it a significant amount of money to give to an organization but we certainly see the value in this particular case cheap jordans,» said Morrison, who added that the $1.2 million in funding by the federal government is good for tourism in all of Cape Breton.»In Cape Breton, we’ve seen an increase in tourism in the last two years and sites such as the Highland Village is the type of experience a lot of tourists are looking for. I think with the improvements being made to the Highland Village, it’s just going to lead to more tourists visiting.»The investment aims to build on commitments made by the Government of Canada and the four Atlantic provinces to drive economic growth in the region through the Atlantic Growth Strategy.Eyking said the investment made on Wednesday will strengthen Cape Breton’s culture and be an economic boost to the island.»Cape Breton Island is world renowned for its culture, history and spectacular scenery cheap jordan shoes.