Taking action means prioritising what is really important and requires courage. While there can be good reasons to put something off I want to suggest that we may often ourselves into procrastinating simply to avoid the short term discomfort that goes with acting now. Awkward conversations often get put off and this is justified by saying not the right time or not in the right mood So we delay until there is a right time by which time it too late or the right time never comes! We may delay starting our new health and fitness plan until next month and justify this by saying wait until then because I just too busy at the moment At work important management meetings or appraisals often get put off because of ness In truth this can be about avoiding the uncomfortable consequences of taking people away from coal face for an hour.. Accountants are next to feel the heat from off shore competition. A clerk in the accountant office can scan a company financial data to an Internet server. An accountant in India will access this information over a secure link and process the financials overnight. 29; Eddie Baccus Sr. Quintet, Sept. 30; Vanessa Rubin, Don Braden Organ Quintet, OCt. Outsourcing companies submit feedback on freelance providers and relay their positive or negative experience so other buyers can review feedback before entering into an outsourcing relationship with that freelance provider. If I receive a negative feedback score, and I can easily create a new profile, I just create a new profile. Problem solved.

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