And I just went crazy,” Marco Polo resident Barbara Hudman said. “I kept saying, ‘There’s a fire. Friday afternoon.When crews arrived on scene, fire officials say thick clouds of black smoke could be seen billowing out from the 26th floor.There were several residents and family members reporting that their loved ones were inside burning building.Peter Lang told Island News his elderly mother and her caretaker were stuck on the 22nd floor for hours during the blaze.”We have been here for almost two hours trying to get her down from the building,” Lang said.Many residents inside at the time of the fire, were instructed to shelter in place until emergency personnel could escort them to safety, fire officials said in a statement.Firefighters battled the massive fire for more than four hours, before it was brought under control.According to Honolulu Fire Chief Manuel Neves, the blaze broke out on the 26th floor and moved upward eventually reaching the 28th floor of the building.”It’s very difficult even with the equipment that we have to make our way to the floor of the fire and the room of the fire,” Chief Neves said in a press conference.Smoke could be seen exiting Marco Polo from both the Mauka and Makai sides of the tower.Fire officials says a few times this afternoon, even the firefighters had to be evacuated out of the burning building.One firefighter was treated and transported for heat exhaustion, but has since been released.Honolulu Fire told Island News that the building only was equip with sprinklers in the garbage chutes.”We are going to go room by room.

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The NYCSC seeks to provide a colorful envronment in which to watch Celtic Match Broadcasts. Celtic scarves of all types are welcome and we even don’t mind opposing fans bringing colors to watch the matches with us. Except that is if they are of a Rangers disposition in which case the NYCSC reserves the right of “habeus corpus” which generally involves the removal of said body for deposit in the Parlour’s various trash recycling devices.

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