Glamorama stars Victor, the mostly absent Europe roaming boyfriend of Lauren’s in The Rules of Attraction, as a somewhat vapid and completely solipsistic fashion model. He’s risen to a level of fame and fortune; at the beginning of the novel, he’s opening an extremely chic nightclub that promises to garner a large celebrity turnout. Victor is dating supermodel Chloe Byrnes while banging Alison Poole (who is dating the nightclub owner and Victor’s business partner/boss) while doing a ton of drugs and chugging a ton of booze. Then Victor meets the strange and vague F. Fred Palakon, a man who offers him to track down a former classmate of his, Jamie Fields. Victor takes the job and eventually finds Jamie and before he fully realizes it, he is waist deep in the bizarre and violent happenings of an international terrorist group made up entirely of fashion models.

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