Royal Shakespeare Company brings CGI Ariel to the stage in new high tech production of The TempestThe character of Ariel is recreated as a digital avatar in real time using live performance capture technologyBySophie Curtis and Science Editor09:35, 19 NOV 2016Updated09:51, 19 NOV 2016Ariel is not a recording but a live performance by an actor, Mark Quartley. His costume contains sensors that pick up his movements and facial expressions a technique known as “live performance capture”.Real time data from these sensors is mapped onto a complex digital avatar with 336 joints the equivalent of every joint in the human body and then projected out through 27 projectors in high definition, live on stage. These multimedia extravaganzas employed the latest stage machinery and lighting techniques to create spectacular stage effects.The Tempest is also regarded as one of Shakespeare’s most magical plays, and it even includes a masque scene, suggesting Shakespeare took inspiration from the elaborate court entertainments.

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