Accidentally losing things was another running theme in the logs of the investigations. In one instance, an engineer working on the project was traveling from New York to Oak Ridge when he accidentally lost a cache of classified engineering drawings in a phone booth. They were later found not by the project’s security, but by some random member of the public who dropped by to hand them back.

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iPhone Cases In case the name of the study left any doubt, pre feasibility studies are typically the step undertaken before a full feasibility study. In other words, it’s generally the study before a study and is used to determine whether a mine is potentially viable.Between 2012 and the present, the company’s announcements have included numerous token accomplishments such as the completion of a preliminary economic assessment in June of 2016, and preliminary internal economics in November 2015. Frankly, we’re not entirely sure what the difference is between a preliminary economic assessment and a preliminary internal economics report, but as far as we can tell, one of the differences is about 8 months of elapsed time in between the announcements (but still zero revenue).Pershing Gold is a Capital Raising Machine Despite the company’s inability to generate one dime of revenue since its purchase of the Relief Canyon Mine, it has been quite successful at raising capital from share offerings.Looking back at the same September 2012 press release indicating the speed with which the company aimed to start production, we find this gem:Because Pershing Gold already has a fully permitted and built heap leach processing facility, re starting the mine and resuming gold production should proceed with minimal delays and capital investment.Since that release suggesting production would resume with minimal capital investment, the company has announced the following capital investments and proposed capital investments:August 12, 2013: Raised $9 million in a private placement August 27, 2013: Raised $11.1 million in a private placement July 31, 2014: Raised $12.2 million in a private placement October 20, 2014: Raised $10 million in a private placement April 22, 2015: Raised $11.5 million in a private placement February 26, 2016: Raised $8.15 million in a private placement March 29, 2016: Raised $6 million to Advance Relief Canyon December 1, 2016: Signed a term sheet for a $20 million credit facility December 8, 2016: Raised $7.5 million from a secondary common stock offering Even More Capital is Likely Needed in the Near Future In addition to the capital raises above, the company has indicated that yet more capital will be needed to get the Relief Canyon project to production iPhone Cases.