That one mission where you saving the child soldiers? Fuck that mission with a red hot poker. Literally my low point for the entire game. It wouldn be so bad except NO, FUCK YOU TINY AFRICAN CHILD, I TOLD YOU TO STOP. That proposal sounds a lot like segregation of trans kids, some critics argue.The amendment may be seen as ensuring privacy for students, but it also creates a “separate but equal” place “where the bullies of the world can point to and isolate trans people, and still create a great deal of pain for our transgender children,” Lauryn Farris, Alamo regional coordinator for the Transgender Education Network of Texas, told HuffPost on Monday.”Bathrooms divided us then and bathrooms divide us now. Separate but equal is not equal at all,” Texas Rep. Senfronia Thompson, a Houston Democrat,said Sunday as other members on the floor applauded her, according to the Associated Press.The intent was not to discriminate but to accommodate “all kids,” said Republican Texas Rep.But the problem with seeking a compromise on such a bill is that “there is no moral middle ground on discrimination,” explained Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller in a statement.

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