I had even read your post about meeting with masons prior to my meeting Since then I have petitioned the lodge and had a favorable vote. Unfortunatley due to my request to take the degrees solo, I wont be able to begin my work until the 2nd week of Jan. But I feel that it is worth the wait, as the two fellows I had met with said it was the most effective way to do it.Like you my thirst is never quenched for knowledge about this great fraternity, but fearful of stubmling onto something that would ruin the experience of my conferrals thankfully this blog has been safe in that respect, at the same time as being deeply informative.Thank you for the time you put into this work, as it is one of the wedges that helped my initiative to join the craft.Thanks again, looking forward to the day I can call you brother.Your blog is rather refreshing in that it has many parallels to my joining as well as the degree work through the fraternity, and as my new duties within my home Lodge (Me of all people, asked to be Marshall, I still find it hard to believe!)As my District Deputy remarked, we have all been where I am now.

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