It’s a brilliant pairing the snap of the dog against the creaminess of the foie a visionary move celebrated by gout defying offal lovers everywhere. While we’ll miss Hot Doug’s, we’re sure that wherever Sohn ends up next, Chicagoans will be lining up behind him. It opened in 1956, so that distinct Happy Days atmosphere is in fact purely authentic..

Students on the dean’s list represent the top 10 percent of students in their college, enrolled in 12 or more hours during the semester. All students on the chancellor’s list are automatically on their college’s dean’s list as well. Students named to the list for the spring semester were:.

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This is a lively and energetic activity that will have the preschool supervisors hopping and laughing along with the kids. Fill water bottles about 14 with water. Set the bottles up on the ground in a triangular pattern, as in ordinary 10 pin bowling.

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