It just seems to me that if Israel was committing genocide against the Palestinians over the past 70 years they be more successful at it. Considering that Israel and the Palestinians have been fighting war after war for 70 years (where people die, there no denying there death in war, but it not the same as genicide). I mean, Asbestos kills about 10 times more people each year than die in the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

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bikini swimsuit Weirder yet, this goes all the way back into history. We learn about the big events like wars and technological breakthroughs, but while Caesar was pontificating over which land to conquer next, some normal guy in a tunic was having a shitty evening because the bathhouse he went to has changed their wine supplier due to a falling out with the old supplier and now he pissed off because he really liked the wine they used to serve here and you couldn get it anywhere else and now he got to drink this new stuff. And we never know that guys name, or the name of the bathhouse, or the wine, or the supplier, but you can bet that hundreds of people had thoughts opinions about each of them bikini swimsuit.