The driver will be able to independently turn or brake either side, allowing for “Zero degree” turns. Also this design allows the driver to push the handles in a complete circle to power the trike, or to use a ratcheting technique of pushing through part of a circle and pulling back to the original position to push again.Seating, breaking, handles, and gear shifting has not yet been incorporated into design.Open front with extendable mechanism can make independent mounting and dismounting from a wheelchair easier.Rowing levers allow direct push and pull power transfer.Independent drives allow a tight turning radius.Mountain bike swing arms are pre manufactured and afford good suspension and gearing.Kinematic design and frame can support the addition of adjustable seating and levers to accommodate child development and passengers of different sizes.The engineer group commented on several specific ideas. One concern was a child’s ability to learn to drive on a bike that requires two seperate inputs.

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