The event is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from Dec. 2 Dec. 17. It brings to mind the Bible verse, John 15:17, when Jesus said, “This is my command: Love each other.” The love of people in Huntsville, Texas, has truly been demonstrated this past week. My heart is bursting with pride in our city and its residents and neighbors. How blessed I am to work with so many of you every day as mayor..

led screen With our circuit built, lets hook it up to the Arduino. We are going to simple read the voltage over the resistor, so lets hook it up as such:Now we are set to write some basic code. Pop open the code from last week, and lets get to work. During a news conference Thursday, Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putsey said it wasn clear if the weapon was being raised. He didn into too many details about his thoughts on the tape, and said that he wouldn be releasing it to the public. “If you think we should display a victim worst day for public consumption, that is not the transparency I speaking of,” he said.. led screen

outdoor led display It means you can push the car fairly hard and guide it down narrow country lanes while still retaining that composed ride.An air suspension system small led display is optionally available that replaces the front coils and transverse rear springs. This delivers even smoother progress than the standard set up.EnginesPower comes from a trio of 2.0 litre four cylinder engines; the D5 has a 232bhp twin turbodiesel,the T6 gets a 316bhp turbocharged and supercharged petrol unit, while the T8 boasts the range topping hybrid Twin Engine option. This adds an electric motor to the standard T6 petrol unit, and gives the driver over 395bhp to play with ‘on demand’.You can save the battery charge for later use, or recharge on the move using the petrol engine asa generator. outdoor led display

hd led display Announced the availability of the 24″ MultiSync PA243W professional desktop display. The MultiSync PA243W has a 24.1″ IPS panel with LED backlight with a great viewing angle and anti glare matte finish. Its premium color accuracy is ideal for color critical workflows and in photography, video, printing and other professional environments. hd led display

Mini Led Display The installation of these systems is usually followed by the implementation of proper safety standards, equipment, and control systems. Safety equipment and control systems, including safety light curtains, are installed in automobile manufacturing plants to ensure the safety of workers and prevent accidents that may occur due to the mismanagement of these machines. The primary applications for safety light curtains in the automotive industry include assembly/disassembly, presses, and material handling. Mini Led Display

4k led display Over 8,000 lights are strung with care at the home of Alan and Susan Kopatz creating a vibrant and colorful spectacle. The couple have been donning their home in decorations for the past 25 years. Today, they will be dressed up as Santa Claus and Mrs. 4k led display

indoor led display At some point in our lives, the Christmas season became one huge to do list for us. From cleaning to shopping to cooking, it never ends. We deserve a break. Time will tell how much the Soviet Union has gained in the way of influence in the Middle East by responding generously with weapons for its Arab “client” in the new war with Israel. Airlift of weapons to Israel, undertaken only when the magnitude of the Soviet supply effort was revealed, creates new tension between Western Europe and the United States of America. Support of Israel. indoor led display

led display The nutritional makeup of the avocado also makes it unique. It is by far the fattiest fruit I am aware of. A medium Avocado contains 276 calories and 27.6 grams of fat. Led the forward corps with 5:33 of scoreless work on the PK. Made a real nice steal and feed to Brule in overtime that very nearly won this one for the Oil, who both outshot and outchanced the Red Wings in his time. Goal results were the usual +0/ 0, but that not all bad for a fourth line grinder. led display

led billboard Unhappily, cold weather is another sort of harm. Cold winds in winter can can be of great harm to your unlucky hair. Such preventive human inventions as woolly scarves, caps and hats also have a substantial shortcoming. With this feature, it allows you to watch your favorite TV show while surfing the web. A small window plays your TV while the rest of the TV background is your browser. Tweet about the latest news or update your Facebook status with the movie that you are currently watchingThis lets you search for your favorite TV show, browse the World Wide Web or connect select dish network devices to include your previously recorded content in the search results led billboard.