Krystle D’Souza is reportedly dating Karan Tacker’I’m single till I have a ring on the right finger,’ said Krystle D’SouzaKrystle says it’s ‘lovely’ that fans want to everything about her lifeTelevision actress Krystle D’Souza is reportedly dating her Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai co star Karan Tacker but the 27 year old actress told news agency IANS everything written about her alleged affair is a rumour until you see ‘a ring on the right finger.’ Krystle said that even though she shares incalculably with her fans on social media, ‘it’s never enough.’ She told IANS: “It’s lovely that people are so interested in my life. No matter how much you make the world a part of your life through social media, it’s never enough. They all want more and I truly understand why.

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