Finally, the third attempt passed through both Houses and even received Royal Assent, but its implementation was not at all co incidentally delayed by the onset of World War I destroying Germany and submerging domestic tensions (safe and humane working conditions, provision of living wages, women’s suffrage, the future of Ireland) were the prime motivations for war among the hard liners in the Liberal lead Coalition Cabinet, though it was ultimately safe guarding the post Napoleonic order that Britain had helped established in 1815 (vis vis the preservation of Belgian independence) that won over the undecided ministers and the voting public. In 1916, during the war, a couple of hundred radicals staged an armed uprising on Easter Monday in Dublin, declared the free and independent Irish Republic, and were almost all killed or imprisoned by the British Army. The public took a dim view of the rising initially, with reactions ranging from bewilderment to outright contempt, considering it something of a betrayal, especially as many Irishmen were then serving with the British Army in France.

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