Kick Ass was that movie where a bunch of normal people (and Nicolas Cage) decide to dress up as superheroes and fight crime. The film did well enough to warrant a disappointing sequel that was basically just a regular superhero movie with more F bombs the scrawny protagonist from the first one is now a beefed up crime fighter, and Hit Girl is pretty much Batman with pigtails.And Jim Carrey is in it, the mark that a superhero franchise has jumped the shark.A much more faithful recreation of the spirit of the first movie came not from the actors, but from the stuntmen. While Kick Ass 2 was being promoted at the annual Comic Con in San Diego last year, a distraught woman staying at a hotel near the convention stood on her 14th floor balcony and threatened to jump.While most people tried to help the woman by heroically whipping out their phones and recording her lowest moment, three stuntmen setting up a scaffold for a Kick Ass 2 party across the street rushed to her rescue like freaking Power Rangers.

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