Having a body odor is really a stressful condition especially if other people do not understand the situation you are in. Most people first impression is that you have poor hygiene that is why at the back of their heads they are insulting you that you acquire such odor because you are filthy. Do not take in seriously other people comments. At the end, if you give in with stressful conditions you may end up having heart problems and so you are the loser. Try to remain calm and focus your mind in your goals in life. Step by step try to live in a healthy lifestyle and try to be sensitized with other comments. In the end, it is you who will rule your life and not just by other nonsense comments. In addition, do not blame those who complain with your odor. Remember, people respond first physiologically. Bad odors usually are sensed by the body as threat to the system that is why the brain is telling the person to cover or to move away from the source to prevent any odor molecules from entering the system.

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