Baskets This Year

high end replica bags Finished and already headed to New York. It is due for delivery this Friday. high end replica bags

This pink Easter basket was a custom order from a lady who saw my macrame work on Etsy. Replica Handbags She inquired if I purse replica handbags would make this basket for her daughter. For Easter. Replica Bags Wholesale She wanted hot pink cord with yellow beads. Designer Fake Bags She even sent me the pattern. I was only able to find Fake Handbags a lighter shade of pink cord on such short notice. And couldn find enough yellow beads. Needed 22 large oval beads. Boy, didn realize they would be so hard to find!!

best replica designer But after three trips to my macrame supplier and sifting through four huge bins of beads, I found enough oval beads to get started. In hot pink. Thank goodness that cheap replica handbags store (been shopping there since 1980) is just a hop, skip and a jump away. best replica designer

luxury replica bags So the basket is made, the center cords are unbraided and fluffed out. luxury replica bags

Wish I could be there to see the little girl face when her mom presents the basket to her. I am seeing brightly colored dyed Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and a jumbo bow attached to the side. I will just have to imagine the delight in her eyes. Same as the delight I get from looking at the photos.

Now I need to rest up for about half a day before beginning anything new. Or even anything old.

Got another macrame order. And this Replica Designer Handbags time it was something I hadn made before. Similar to it but KnockOff Handbags not exactly.

So as I usually do, I made a test one first. That way I know whether to cut the cords longer or shorter when I make the REAL one. It measures 11 high quality replica handbags height with the handle and 12 diameter.

It is Handbags Replica going to be an Easter Basket. Wholesale Replica Bags In pink with different colored beads. If I have time, I may make the basket in replica handbags online purple.

7a replica bags wholesale My test one is in beige 6mm braided macrame cord. Here are two of my birds resting Replica Handbags Wholesale comfortably, hiding in the branches. 7a replica bags wholesale

buy replica bags online This is how I made the bottom. I strayed a bit from the pattern my buyer sent me. I used this method instead. My own design. buy replica bags online

I will be macraming all day today. Need to get the pink basket made and shipped by tomorrow. Just in time for Easter.

replica bags online Step 1. Measure and cut 6 cords 46 long. Cut 2 cords 50 long. The longer cords will be on the sides. replica bags online

Step 2. Take one of the 50 cords, measure down 28 and attach to board with the LONGER side of the cord on the left. Find the center of the six shorter cords and attach with T pins to macrame board. Take the 2nd 50 cord, measure down 28 and attach to board with the LONGER side of the cord on the right.

You should have pinned to the macrame board 8 cords in the following order: 50 46 46 46 46 46 46 50 3. Mount cords to the TOP of 5 ring Designer Replica Bags using Reverse Lark Head knots Replica Bags (RLH) and one Half Hitch (HH). Per cord.

aaa replica bags When all cords have been mounted to the ring, they should look like this. aaa replica bags

Step 10. Pull cords tight against the ring. Apply craft glue to the replica handbags china DHH cords. Allow to dry overnight. Cut cords close replica Purse to the ring. Burn cords ends with matches or cigarette lighter to melt cords end to keep from fraying. Don burn. Touch cord lightly.

Congratulations!! You have just created a macrame lid.

Finishing Touches. You can add a backing if desired as I have done using felt. Cut a circle aaa replica designer handbags to fit almost to the end of the lid. Hand sew to attach. If you are adding beads or buttons, do so before sewing wholesale replica designer handbags on the felt backing.

high replica bags Different Size Lids. You can make a lid in any size. Adjust amount of cord needed to accommodate ring size. And remember to allow a bit Fake Designer Bags longer for the side tying cords. high replica bags

best replica bags In place of a knotting board you may use thick cardboard pieces taped together or ceiling tile wrapped in plastic works well. best replica bags

buy replica bags To attach macram cord to the knotting board, use T pins or common household sewing pins. If sewing pins are used, use the “hat pin” type pins with little ball on tip to protect your fingers as you work. (I use T pins) buy replica bags.