It just boring. You get used to it after a while I guess. Complicating matters further, Brett Copenhaver position at his company, LegalZoom, was dissolved a year ago, which forced him to take a lower paying position in sales.. Key to their argument is that Bertram was the beneficiary to two life insurance policies worth $900,000.But Bertram’s defense, according to court documents, could hinge on putting something else on trial: The shotgun he used that day during his hunt.The Remington Model 870 pump shotgun is one of millions that have been produced for more than 60 years. The firearm uses a trigger mechanism, known as the common fire control, that is in use in several Remington shotguns and rifles. Critics say the mechanism is flawed: That even when the weapon is on safe, it can fire in certain situations.Jack Belk, an Idaho based gunsmith and longtime critic of the Remington common fire control design, said the flaw has led to countless examples of firearms discharging, cases in which people were wounded and killed by the faulty design.”It’s been an ongoing problem,” he said.David Lauck, an Arizona based arms designer and gunsmith, examined Bertram’s shotgun for the defense.

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