How much richer the plastic bottle deposit recycling scheme could make you

one woman decides to find outA proposed recycling Replica Handbags initiative could give you money for returning plastic bottles. Rachel England went scavenging to see how much this cash for trash scheme could pay out15:57, 4 APR 2018Collecting bottles worked out as Handbags Replica better paid than the minimum wage Plastic is a problem that isn’t going away. UK consumers buy around 13 million plastic drinks KnockOff Handbags bottles every year, with millions of those ending up Replica Bags in landfill or as litter in streets, the countryside and replica Purse waterways.Environmentalists have recognised the scope of the problem for years, but after the BBC’s Blue Planet II revealed just how much cheap replica handbags devastation plastic can cause, ministers purse replica handbags are finally taking action.One proposed solution is a bottle deposit return scheme. You’ll pay a few extra pence Designer Replica Bags every time you buy a drink in a plastic bottle, and you’ll get that money back if you take it to a designated return point.What the so called ‘plastic tax’ is and why imposing a levy on takeaway replica bags boxes could be a complete failIt’s not Wholesale Replica Bags yet clear how much the bottle deposit would be. Charges in Europe range from 8p in Sweden to 22p in Germany, although experts in the UK say the figure would need to be at least 15p to encourage people to use it.The idea is that by incentivising responsible waste disposal, these millions of bottles will be given a second lease of life through recycling, rather than creating an eyesore or harming wildlife.And it’s working well elsewhere. In Germany, for example, a similar scheme has boosted recycling rates to 97%.In the long run, this could seriously reduce the amount of plastic litter we encounter every day. Few people Fake Designer Bags would willingly throw money away, would they?But what about the mountains of plastic rubbish wholesale replica designer handbags that has already been created? In theory, once the scheme comes into play and you high quality replica handbags can claim cash for trash, all those bottles littering Replica Designer Handbags the streets replica handbags china are free money.So over the course of Easter weekend, while everyone else was hunting for eggs, I replica handbags online went scavenging for plastic.Working on the assumption that I Designer Fake Bags could redeem each bottle for 15p, I wanted to see how much money I could make, and how much effort would be involved.Blue Planet II fan Theresa May signals she’ll back a plastics tax on bottles and coffee cupsStart before you leave the houseFirst up, the easy wins. What could I find at Replica Bags Wholesale home?I carry water with me everywhere I go, and while I do try to refill existing bottles several times after their first use, I’m mindful of health warnings about bacteria and leeching chemical nasties. So I go through aaa replica designer handbags one or two bottles a week.I also like to think I keep a tidy house, but after retrieving no less than seven empty bottles from handbags, gym kits and rarely visited crevices of the lounge, I’m not so sure.I find a further three festering in the foot wells of my car, so in the space of 15 minutes I’ve ‘made’ and a vow to be less slovenly.Bottled drink lovers could pay up to 22p MORE to help environment as details of landmark deposit scheme revealedAll picked up on the walk to a friend’s houseThe next day, I’m due at a friend’s house for Sunday lunch. She lives on the other side of town so ordinarily I’d drive, but Fake Handbags today I decide to make the 45 minute walk, this time armed with multiple bags for life.The trip takes me through the centre of the city, and even though the street cleaning team has already been out to clear up the previous night’s carnage, I arrive on my friend’s doorstep with a further 32 bottles.

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