But all is well since the plan is to go on in Jersey. “We love our Times Square home and while we’re disappointed there won’t be a Snooki ball drop there, she cannot be denied!” MTV said in a statement. “So we’re taking a road trip to the place where it all began, Seaside Heights, and droppin’ it all there.”.

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Cleveland Museum of Art: 11150 East Blvd., presents at Sharkey George Bellows and the Art of Sports, through Sept. 19; Shah Royal Persian Tent Exhibition, through June 26; Shah Royal Persian Tend, through June 26; Flowering of the Botanical Print, through July 3 Yun Fei: Last Days of Village Wen, through July 31; King of Ancient Egypt, through June 12; Lines: Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt, through July 31; Pestoni: Some Years, through July 10; Graham, Aug. 13 to Nov.

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Both cordon charging and area charging introduce boundary problems. Through traffic will re route around the cordon, and may increase congestion; drivers may park outside and walk, adding to environmental problems. Those just outside the cordon will have to pay to travel to the centre; those just inside will not.

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Yacht races today take place at many distances; boats of unlike design are handicapped to factor in the “natural” cruising speed of each sort. In a racing competition known as a “regatta” many smaller races are aggregated together; the boat that performs best in them all is designated the overall winner. Courses are often triangular, with buoys marking the “lanes” of the course.

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