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Though this build is obviously mostly focused on ranged attacking, if you interested in dipping another class for access to Booming Blade, may I suggest 1 level of Storm Sorcerer? (Though you have to get your Charisma up to 13 to do so, so perhaps not worth it. Up to you to decide.)Tempestuous Magic lets you use your bonus action to fly 10ft. Without provoking opportunity attacks after casting a spell of 1st level or higher..

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canada goose coats 2 points submitted 2 months agoFairly sure Nimble is in Zaton, in the Skadovsk? If it who i thinking of, that was a change inherited from the early days of CoC. Moving him back would actually be really difficult at this point because of the many mods that are now integrated into CoM requiring him there.If you want to make grenades louder, you could litterally edit the sound file from gamedata>sounds>weapons>rg6, >f1 or >rgd5. You can download free software called “Audacity” and do it that way.The canada goose outlet orlando flash is more complicated, you can fully edit the particle effects without the CoC SDK and there are few people who know their way around that thing, nevermind the separate particle effect utility it uses canada goose coats.