Indeed, in the media since 9/11, we can observe almost a continuous beating of war drums and sounding of martial trumpets, after the initial sounds of grief and mourning gave way in late September to the bellicose tone in broadcast media coverage of the War on Terrorism. As noted media researcher Shoma Munshi observes, «from the days and weeks following 9/11, till the United States attacked Afghanistan in October 2002, and most recently Iraq in March 2003, US broadcast media have managed to maintain a sustained level of patriotism fanning the public mood to keep the United States safe by whatever means possible (50). Already shortly after 9/11, NPR asked its composer Jeffrey Freymann Weyr for special coverage music, «either for another crisis in the States, or, as it happened cheap dildos5, an attack on Afghanistan.» The music he composed for the events of October, 2001 found use again in March of 2003, albeit with «subtle changes» dictated by the network.

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