Chances that I get killed in a car or bike accident are bigger. Top prosecutor, Peter Frank, told reporters the attack on the popular market was reminiscent of July deadly truck rampage in Nice and appeared to follow instructions published by the Islamic State also the prominent and symbolic target of a Christmas market, and the modus operandi that mirrors at least past calls by jihadi terror organizations, Frank said.The man arrested near the scene denied any involvement in the attack. Under German law, prosecutors have until the end of a calendar day following an arrest to seek a formal arrest warrant keeping a suspect in custody.Prosecutors said they decided to release him after turning up no forensic evidence proving he was in the truck cab during the rampage, and no witnesses who were able to follow him from the scene to where he was picked up.Among the injured was Inaki Ellakuria cheap jordans, who underwent surgery Tuesday for a broken tibia and fibula on his left leg.

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