Another Reason to Love The Row

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The Row – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Courtesy of The RowThe Row unveiled it’s latest pre-fall collection this week and surprise, surprise, it is flawless. There were ribbed cashmere sweaters to die for, full length trench coats that could make a girl pray for rain, and a bag that can be worn as a clutch, on your shoulder, or even around your waist. But as we perused the collection we took careful note of the lookbook, which was displayed proudly, and noticed something a bit different. Something a bit…older.Related: The Olsens on Their Childhood FashionInstead of the usual willowy teen modeling the elegant garments Canada Goose sale , we saw beauty guru and style icon Linda Rodin. Age: 65 years old.Related: Face Time With Linda RodinThe RowPhoto: Courtesy of The Row – Continue Reading BelowIt’s not the first time The Row took this type of direction. Back in 2008, Lauren Hutton (at the time 64-years-old) posed for the brand’s lookbook, and the designers have never been a pair to stick to industry standards.”When I first started Advanced Style I noticed how younger girls, like Mary-Kate and Ashley, were referencing the style of fashionable older women,” Ari Seth Cohen, founder of Advanced Style, a sited devoted entirely to the fashions of older generations told “It’s wonderful to see them taking a further step in celebrating age and timeless style by casting the effortlessly cool and classic Linda Rodin. Hopefully one day brands will realize that their customer bases reach beyond the young and thin and open their advertising and marketing plans to more diversity.” The Row – Continue Reading Below – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Courtesy of The RowThe images themselves, shot by Arno Frugier, are stunning and could stand alone as art pieces. Rodin makes the clothing feel fresh, exciting, and effortlessly chic—all characteristics we have come to know and love from The Row.We spoke to Rodin to hear about what it was like working with the designers nationaalzweminstituuteindhoven , her feelings on the photos, and what she thought of the collection.Tell us a little bit about this experience and how it came about.I was nervous! They called me to come in for a go-see and I thought, “Oh my God! A go-see!” I tried on about six outfits. They called me back and said, “We’d love you to do it.” I went in for a fitting. But they really know exactly what they want. They had beautiful mood boards that had older women on them and I saw exactly what they were thinking.The Row – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Courtesy of The RowThe images are stunning and really show who you are. What do you think about the look book?A lot of my friends have called me and said, “Oh you look like you!” It’s hard to see yourself looking like you usually look. You know I usually wear bright lipstick and am a little more smiley. But I totally did whatever the girls wanted me to. They’re so au naturel. I love them. I adore them both. When you see yourself looking like you just woke up…to see myself looking natural and honest…I just look like me! I think that’s why they chose me. I guess I thought it was very raw and honest. I’d be lying to say I love all my wrinkles, but going into it I knew what they wanted. So it’s not surprising to see the results. The confidence they gave me was really crucial. I loved that I was respected for who I am. The point was that they picked me for my age. I thought it was quite interesting.The RowPhoto: Courtesy of The RowWhat were some of your favorite pieces from the collection?The clothes are exquisite. I’ve never felt such beautiful clothes on my body, ever. They are the most luxurious, simple…They really feel like they were made for you. It’s a completely different experience than most clothes. There was a brown silk dress that went to the floor. I loved the loafers. I loved the very Grace Kelly blue cashmere dress. I felt like Grace Kelly. It was my fantasy of how I would dress everyday. Everything was gorgeous.

Another Reason to Love The Row

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