A job application I’m working on now asks why I’m leaving my current position, so I’ve put some thought into this. The way I explained it was I was exhausted by putting in 100% all day every day, only to reach the «end of the day» and promptly be greeted by hours more work to do. During my «off hours» my options were A) plan and prep thoughtful and differentiated lessons, B) grade work and provide helpful feedback, and C) actually rest and prepare my body and mind for the next day.

anti theft travel backpack You make some good points in the linked thread. I realize it can be frustrating to feel like you are having to knock down the same arguments over and over again, but not everyone will have been in the same threads as you. You can catch more bees with honey and all that.. It never comes from a good place in my experience. Best case scenario is they just want permission to indulge, and indulging myself would give them that implicit permission. It insecure at best travel backpack anti theft, and sometimes it just malicious. anti theft travel backpack

anti theft backpack for travel If exploration is what you enjoy, you might want to move to Nullsec (or just visit). Nullsec systems are mostly owned by player run corporations and alliances (groups of corporations) and if you join one of them you be safer in your new home space than pretty much anywhere. Having hundreds of players ready to jump on enemies or roaming neutrals is a nice safety net. anti theft backpack for travel

anti theft travel backpack Main point seems to be that the new battlefront isn as lacking in content as I seem to think, which is somewhat true. Although the lack of instant action and in general arcade/offline mode content in the new star wars games is disappointing. But that isn quite the point of this post.. I personally like this game, more than any of the Dark Souls games, although I love NioH a hundred times more do to its combat system and world and co op. The Surge theme not so much love for that though. But It grown on me. anti theft travel backpack

anti theft backpack Ashen seems a lot like «soulsborne» than outward. If you liked souls series you will like ashen. Comparing to outward is a bit out of line since there are no survival elements in ashen other than combats,falls and yes water as I noticed. I appreciate the statement that, if you were a cop, you «would find an excuse to not search his room,» because that means you are not one. Thus, you are not responsible for securing my safety. It doesn matter whether the cops are feeling good about enforcing the law. anti theft backpack

water proof backpack I did drill with a guy once who was wearing tight spats and no shorts, and as I was trying to step over him to position myself for the submission, due to my tiny dinosaur legs, I kept stepping on his junk, which I suppose would happen regardless of him wearing shorts. It was kinda weirding me out a bit though. He was also wearing a tank top and kept stuffing my face in his armpit. water proof backpack

USB charging backpack Then we had a 2 hour seminar on pressure passing and I seriously considered an urgent care when I walked out of class. Took a full week off and was still having some pain. Thought it was a slipped rib but turned out to just be «Paraspinal tension.» Doc gave me a muscle relaxer, upped my naproxen intake, recommended lidocaine patches and possibly a massage USB charging backpack.