Two reviewers (AOM and AB) obtained and independently screened full text versions of potentially eligible studies to determine their eligibility based on the selection criteria.We included randomized controlled trials, non randomized interventional studies, and observational studies if they evaluated the innovator version of an immunosuppressive drug compared with at least one generic version of the same drug in recipients of solid organ (heart, lung, liver, pancreas, kidney, small bowel, or combinations of these organs) transplants. The comparative evaluation had to include at least one clinical efficacy/safety outcome (death, transplant failure, acute rejection, marker of graft function (such as serum creatinine concentration), use of healthcare (such as admission to hospital) pandora charms, infection, drug concentration, or other serious adverse event) or the determination of bioequivalence. There are different definitions of bioequivalence depending on the jurisdiction.

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pandora jewellery In the randomised controlled trials of calcium supplements, the increases in BMD were present by one year, but there were no further subsequent increases. Thus the increases from baseline at both two and over two and half years at each site were similar to the increases at one year. The increases in BMD with dietary sources of calcium were similar to the increases with calcium supplements, except at the forearm, in both direct comparisons of the two interventions in multi arm studies and in indirect comparisons of the two interventions through subgroup analyses. pandora jewellery

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