During Walter Simonson’s run on The Mighty Thor, there was a story arc where Thor fights The Fair Folk with the assistance of an army veteran who turns out to have partial immunity to their glamor because of the steel plate in his head. Joe is said to have a metal plate in his head during a crossover with Trans Formers. In order to sneak through the Decepticon base the Joes cannot have any metal on or in them. Scaled Up: Count Logan once Dr. Beljar takes over. Shock and Awe: Sir Vile Shout Out: Too many to count, though for starters, as the top mentioned, the opening line came from Corpse Bride. Crapsaccharine World: Heaven. It’s described as having “pretty rolling green hills, nice little forests, and air so clean it tastes like wine.” The Eternal City is made out of precious stones and is incredibly beautiful. Don’t expect to see too much of it if you’re a human, though.

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